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Hello and welcome to service_awards an icontest for fans of fanservice, boy love, manslut action... if you will. Feel free to join up, enter contests, suggest themes, apply to be a banner maker and anything else you feel like doing to contribute to the fun.

Please take caution in joining this community or viewing any of the icons here. If you do not like the thought of two men together, don't join. If things get out of hand, I'll have to filter members in the future and I don't want to do that.


::1. Icons can contain people from a kmusic or jmusic band (or other culture if you can stomach it), from an anime or manga, scenes from movies, tv shows, music videos or the like, or random pornstars (see restrictions). If you wish to suggest that we allow other general themes, please let us know.
::2. If you choose to use fanart or doujinshi scans for any of your icons, please PLEASE give me a site where you got them from. I will not allow any icons to be entered if you can't provide some sort of credit behind your icon.
::3. Icons do not necessarily have to show two men kissing or even touching but must at least imply some sort of relationship between them. That's right, TWO or MORE men.
::4. As long as there isn't a penis right there on the icon, I'm sure we'll be fine. If you aren't sure if something is too graphic, just ask.
::5. Icons must follow LJ standards, no larger than 100x100, no larger than 40kb, png jpg or gif format. Anything that doesn't fit will be disqualified.
::6. Each person may enter 2 icons per theme unless we tell you otherwise on the actual theme post.
::7. All icons must be new and made for this contest. You can't submit the same icon to any other icontest even if it's during the same week. Also, we will NOT allow people to create SIMILAR icons for different icontests.
::8. If you wish to change your icons after you submit them, please specify that you are changing your old icon when you submit your new one.
::9. You MUST be a member to enter. So join. It's fun.

Submit Format:

[url of icon]
[names of people in icon - anime/band/series they are from]

::1. When voting, please vote for your 1st, 2nd, 3rd... in that order, unless we ask you to only vote on one or two icons.
::2. Only vote for your own icon(s) if you really do believe they are the best. Don't just vote for yourself in hopes of a win.
::3. Do not have your friends come in and vote for you. We will catch it. We have caught it. Knock it off.



::Banner Makers::

Really, right about now it's whoever feels like it. oulan does them when time permits.

To become a banner maker, just leave a comment on any theme, voting, or results post in the community.


All past themes, winners, and banners can be found --> HERE <--


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